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Choosing the right MBA for you - Top 10 websites

by laura2400 February 24, 2015

​Consultancy companies often encourage their employees to undertake an MBA (Master of Business Administration) at some point during their career. For those who went into consulting as a fresh graduate, this is a chance to put some business academic perspective onto the work that you have been working on over the last few years of your training. Companies like to encourage MBAs as of course for those who return, they are more qualified and able to take on more senior positions and offer better advice to the clients. And for the student, there are the benefits of career progression, networking and higher salaries.

Thinking about taking one? Take a look at these websites for some advice...

  • Huge range of information

    , including lists of all places in the UK and abroad that offer the MBA. Read the real life story profiles, how to apply and the benefits of taking one. 

  •  A ranking of the top ten MBA schools in the UK.

  • A nine step guide to choosing your MBA.

  • The Financial Times offers a list of things to consider when thinking about an MBA.

  • An article as part of the Telegraph's focus on MBAs in their education section. Plenty of points to consider in these articles.

  • HERE 

  • Ten points to consider when looking at MBA courses.

  • This Guardian article sheds light on the employability of people with MBAs - often as consultants!

  • Article from The Economist with more points to look out for during the MBA search.

Thanks to the internet it is even possible to study the MBA entirely online or through distance learning. This could be useful if you are still going to be working rather than taking time off to complete it. The FT ranking of online MBA courses can be found HERE.

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