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Top 6 Consultancy Recruitment Videos

by laura2400 January 23, 2015

​Recruitment videos can either be a bit bland and dull or they can be epic. I don't know about you, but in this day and age the marketing and adverts of companies can be one of the major draws to further investigate them. So if management consultancies are trying to attract the best graduates around the world, what lengths are they going to go to in their videos...? Well here are the Top 6 consultancy adverts out there -bet you want to be a management consultant after watching these!

  • Accenture 'The Science of Management Consultancy' US 2012

This has got to be the most dramatic of all recruitment videos - it's so empowering that it makes you feel like by training and working for this firm you could really be part of an amazing global business that encompasses the whole world (so I guess the marketing works then!) Dramatic music always makes something awesome (just ask Hans Zimmer) though I have to say that plenty of the images seem really random and irrelevant for the daily life of a consultant mainly being sitting in meetings and agonising over presentations and paperwork. I really don’t think there would ever be a time where a management consultant would stand on top of a snow capped mountain...Although they try to make it look like it, they are not a mountain adventure company so don’t be fooled!

  • PwC 'Graduate Recruitment Video' Australia 2006

This wins for most random recruitment video - and indeed apparantly it won the Best Graduate Intake Award that year…guess all those students hoped their job would just be hula hooping, pogo sticking and segwaying around all day to the top of the ladder (which to be fair is basically all the advert implies…!)

  • Ernst & Young 'Recruiting Commercial' Sweden 2007

This definitely wins for most amusing recruitment video! Guess it would make any friends who think management consultancy is dull realise that perhaps there are actors out there who really dream of auditing...(?!)

  •  Accenture 'Management Consulting Careers' US 2010

Accenture wins again with more dramatic music and dramatic scenery....surely there isn't so much drama for literally every second of the day as this counting down clock suggests?! Well, you probably will be working all hours of the day though so I guess 

  • Deloitte 'Graduate Recruitment Promo' Russia 2012

Plenty of sports and fun activities being shown here - being part of Deloitte seems like you can be part of a much larger range of activities. But remember, the main focus of your job is going to be management consultancy - not playing football.

  • Oliver Wyman 'Our World' US 2012

Plenty of shots from around the world here, emphasising the international aspects of the company and the travel opportunities that are a major draw to this line of work. And of course throughout it is emphasised that everyone at this company is 'so interesting and friendly and the best' - who wouldn't want to work with people like that?

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