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Top 12 Excel Function Cheat Sheets

January 26, 2015

Everyone likes a good cheat sheet! And for Excel, functions are so important in how the spreadsheet operates that it's imperative to get the formulas and functions correct. So to learn the basics or to check what you've entered is doing what you actually want it to do, check out the following pages...

1)  socialphy.com  An excellent array of cheat sheets available here from shortcuts to functions and formulas. If you learn all these you're sure to be an Excel power user! Includes links at the end for even more cheat sheets for advanced users.

2) lehman.cuny.edu Everything you need to know about formulas from constructing them to inserting them. Includes a table at the end with a list of the formula names, what they do and an example.

3) computerworld.com A really excellent 8 page online guide to the general Excel interface and what all the buttons do. Less about functions and more about how to navigate and complete tasks. Plenty of screen shots to help with that.

4) wallstreetprep.com Downloadable sheets aimed at financial modelling for investment banking but this is an Excel skill that financial consultants often use so get learning the keyboard shortcuts! Includes 2003, 2007 and 2010 as well as a list of shortcuts for Macs.

5) xlfdic.com This 'Excel function dictionary' is very simple but is good for general reference and can also be downloaded

6) equity-research.com Very pretty printable cheat sheets here, starting with the basics and moving to functions and includes examples. Definitely worth printing!

7) udemy.com A really simple 10 point guide to most commonly used formulas in Excel.

8) dummies.com The Dummies have a good beginner's list here of likely functions, cell references and error messages you might come across. Quite brief, but a good starting point.

9) cgi.unc.edu  A free 8 page document detailing basic formatting and with some examples of functions in action.

10) scribd.com Step by step points on 30 issues for advanced Excel users.

11) cogniview.com  A simple table of keyboard shortcuts for general editing and formatting as well as some commonly used functions.

12)  searchenginewatch.com And finally, although not quite about function, here is a list of 10 useful keyboard/mouse cheats to save time when navigating Excel all day. Includes animations to see them in action. You'll be pleased you learnt these!

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