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5 key areas to Improve SAP knowledge

January 28, 2015

​SAP is known as one of the best Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) systems in the business. It handles all the information from any department in an entire business from office supplies to client info and gives you the data you want quickly and simply. Along with Oracle, it is an essential piece of software that you will be using within a big consulting firm. Improving your knowledge of SAP is therefore hugely beneficial for your job in order to save time and stress!

As a starter, watch this nice animated intro to what SAP is...

Now take a look at this nifty introduction to 'what is SAP?' and understand the basics. MORE 

There are 5 key areas that you will need to work with as a consultant and it's important to understand what the different sections are. So take a tour through the following tutorials....

1) SAP FI (Finance) and 2) SAP CO (Controlling)

These modules are often placed together as SAP FICO because financial accounting often needs aspects of the controlling systems in order to deal with costing and profits.

Guru 99 has some great beginner's pointers here on a variety of topics which will be of use including General Ledgers, Credit Control, Customer Data and creating reports and tables (including foreign currency re-evaluation). Each page contains bullet points and screen shots to show you exactly where to click. MORE

A similar screen capture pages are available at saponlinetutorials.com. MORE 

A good curriculum of SAP FICO here and you are permitted a free preview of the materials before forking out the cash. Aimed at complete beginners and contains 5 hours of content. MORE

The Youtube channel Zarantech is a training resource for IT consultants. Plenty of software related tutorials on the channel though they focus on talking through powerpoints rather than actual demonstration of the software. THIS is the playlist for SAP FICO.

The list here gives all the topics of the SAP FICO 'curriculum' if you wish to search for further training materials http://sapficotutorial.com/sap-fico-training/  This website also contains an excellent blog which may answer any specific questions you may have on SAP FICO

A list of 6 great SAP FI handbooks are available here with amazon links. MORE

The best book has to be Using SAP: A guide for beginner's by Olaf Schulz. This will give you all the basic know-how to then branch out into the module specific books.

There are several downloadable pdf SAP FICO user manuals at the following sites:

  • The official user manual for FI from SAP AG.

  • Made for a specific company but transferable to any SAP system.

  • Great Financial Accounting help sheets from learnsap.com that offers great online courses too. Starts from the basics - the logon screen!

  • Mainly for configuration of General Ledger systems but answers to specific questions might be found here and everything is broken down to the basics on exactly what to click including screen shots.

 3) SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)

Most of these features will be data used in the SAP FICO section for consultants doing the financial modeling. But useful to know the basics of how the SD software operates.

Magna training covers SAP SD in these FREE ARTICLES 

GURU 99 and SAPONLINETUTORIALS.COM are again good places to start for screen capture step by step guides to SAP SD

UDEMY again offers SAP training, this time SD software with a free trial demo.

 4) SAP HR (Human Resources)

Consultants are a little less likely to be using this software as the HR department of the firm will be dealing with payrolls etc. But the time organisation management features might be useful to have a basic knowledge of. So read through the Guru 99 posts HERE

 5) SAP PS (Project Systems)

Project Management is at the heart of consulting and the basic project account skills that SAP PS offers will certainly be useful for creating managing a project and creating the reports.

A great series of slides here covers the basics of SAP PS and what it can do. MORE

A free preview of the SAP user manual for PS can be read HERE.

Additionally, Panaya offers their Top 10 list of free SAP tutorials HERE

If you are willing to pay for further tutorials to walk you through each step, take a look at the following websites...

An excellent array of courses HERE with 90 day access to the materials when enrolled. These are live instructor led courses completed in 5 days - and being in a kind of virtual 'classroom' is sure to be beneficial. Give the free demo a go!

Learn the SAP basics with this course which includes software simulations within the interactive tutorials. Not bad for $99 and includes a 63 page ebook. MORE

Consultant specific SAP FICO Online training of 46+ hours for $399. Includes 90 day access to the SAP IDES - a demo business landscape in order to test out all your newly acquired knowledge. MORE

Each course costs $149 but contains over 20 hours of coverage. MORE

Sign up for online training from an SAP expert (cost not declared on website). MORE

Perfect Resource offers $149.99 per month for this SAP HR training - includes 500 videos taking you from beginner to expert. MORE

Also, note that when you master the software, you can even take exams in SAP to certify your knowledge of the operating systems.

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