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Five reasons to kick-off your career in consulting

by Sara Murfitt March 12, 2014

​Despite an ever competitive graduate marketplace, and a somewhat... unpredictable... economy, we’re pleased to report that 2014 is looking good! According to the National Institute of Social and Economics Research (NIESR) the UK economy will grow by 2.5% this year. To add to the good news, the UK’s leading employers are predicted to offer 8.7% more entry level vacancies than last year – spelling the biggest annual rise in graduate recruitment for four years. (High Fliers Research 2014)

Professional services firms including PwC and Deloitte are set to make up some of the largest graduate recruiters, so what is it that makes graduates want to join the consulting industry? And how can Freshminds help you get your foot in the door?

After speaking to graduate recruiters across the industry and to our extensive candidate pool, we take a look at the biggest advantages of starting your career within the consulting industry:

  1. Exposure & Variety you’ll get experience working across a range of sectors with different clients on end-to-end projects, which means you’ll experience continuous learning and development.

  2. Excellent Career Opportunities: with structured training, professional development and broad exposure, consulting allows you to springboard into a host of different careers and exciting job opportunities.

  3. A Desirable Skill Set: more often than not, our clients are looking for candidates with the ‘consulting skill set’ - including excellent problem solving and numerical skills, along with outstanding communication abilities and commercial acumen. Developing this skill set will stand you in good stead throughout your career.

  4. High Calibre Colleagues: this sector attracts top quality graduates from a range of different degree backgrounds, which means you’ll be working with diverse, intellectually curious colleagues.

  5. The Perks: Starting salaries of £30,000 or higher are available in the consulting industry according to High Fliers. In addition to being offered an attractive base salary, additional benefits can include a signing bonus, performance bonuses, the opportunity to travel, paid time off for charity work and sponsorship towards self learning to name a few.

Whilst there are many exciting and very different avenues to take following university, a few years spent productively in a good consultancy is something which many companies value highly.

So, how can Freshminds help?

Whether you’re looking to take the consulting route or move into industry, we can help. We work very closely with consultancies of varying sizes and can offer interview advice, coaching and fast-tracking to increase your chances of securing your dream role.

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