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What’s your deal breaker?

by Emma Harrington July 24, 2013

​Securing that dream job and making a seamless move into it can be a difficult process. With so many cards on the table, you may well find yourself faced with a deal breaker situation. Would you sacrifice salary level for the right role? Would you commute that extra mile? Questions like these become all the more real and relevant once an offer is actually on the table.

We find that even clients who are recognised as companies of choice, those who regularly hit the top of candidates dream job wish lists, are having to step up their game and adapt to attract the best talent.

Cultural fit and chemistry are vital. As a rule, like-minded individuals attract like-minded talent, but certain and sometimes uncontrollable factors are continuing to halt hiring processes.

When Conrad Hilton famously remarked "you need three things for a successful business - location, location, location", he wasn’t wrong. Location remains a significant pillar for candidates when assessing whether to throw their hat in the ring for a role and companies are taking serious note of this. They know that being at the centre of it all and positioning themselves in the best possible location has never been so important. For those on the hunt for passive, top-tier candidates know that they often need an extra nudge and that bit more reassurance to leave the safety and reputation of their current organisation. By the nature of this type of candidate, they are likely to be flourishing in their role – a deal breaker like an outstanding location might just give them that little extra push.

Organisations are on fighting form on this front. Take some of the major players – Skype, Oracle, Google and Amazon - they’ve all increased their presence in the capital. A win-win on multiple fronts – encouraging growth in London and enabling those who once discounted an opportunity based purely on location to reconsider what their deal breaker might be.

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