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Tackling Tactics In The Loyalty Game

by Emma Harrington June 27, 2013

​Playing for keeps is the name of the game for many organisations in today’s market. If companies play their cards right - taking a tactical approach to encouraging loyalty by keeping their customer base engaged and growing, or their existing employees satisfied and committed - they are onto a winner.

With the explosion of big data and an ever-evolving market place, there is an increasing demand for candidates who can truly understand and articulate what customers want through insightful analysis of expanding data sets. At FreshMinds, we’re finding clients are increasingly looking for candidates who can help them stay ahead of the game in this respect. Individuals with a track record in data manipulation are the target and in some cases, specifically those who couple this with a psychology-related degree. Businesses are looking for individuals to help them in their bid to identify why a product is found to be particularly engaging and ultimately bottle this formula for success!

As companies assess which business areas to capitalise on - looking for correlations across a spectrum of customer activity - candidates with the talent to draw insight from data and highlight transferable trends are becoming highly valued and sought after. Focus groups increasingly inform strategic plans to bolster and clarify companies’ understanding of what their consumers genuinely want. Businesses recognise that taking directional views on customer interaction, together with analysing the results from active listening in relation to online customer driven interactions, can help them achieve this aim.

If we’re talking tactics, hiring those with this particular skill-set should enable companies to instil and improve loyalty levels by giving those who interact with their brand what they really want. Having these individuals in their team to bring to life the significance and presence of their brand through insight gleaned from analysis of consumer behaviour... now doesn’t that sound like a winning move?

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