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How To Prepare For An Interview

by Madeleine de Bois May 07, 2013

​When you are looking for a new role, there are many considerations that you need to take into account; one of them is how to behave during an interview. Experts agree that many candidates lose out on job opportunities not because they do not have the right qualifications but because they fail to impress their interviewer.

It is how you go through the interview that will help determine your success. So to help, here are some tips that will put you a few steps ahead of other candidates!

Do Your Research

I can't emphasize enough the importance of doing research on the company. You will always be asked 'What do you know about our company?' and your interview will want to see you've done your research. Spend time looking at their website, know the company's history and really understand what they do as a business.

Study The Job Description

It is always important to take the time to analyze the job description - this will really help you understand what the employer is looking for and help you to consider which of your skills match the job.  Make a list of your best attributes and think about how these link with what the job requires.

Why you?

These days competition for jobs is fierce. You need to really sell yourself to the interviewer and convince them that you are right for the job. Interviewers will be used to getting the same answers so think about what really sets you apart and makes you unique. Tell them what you can bring to the role and leave them thinking that they can't do without you!


Lots of interviews nowadays tend to be competency based which means you can easily prepare for them. With competency based questions the interviewer is looking for you to have solid examples of your experience - for example when you have worked under pressure, when you have faced a difficult situation and how you dealt with it so make sure you have plenty of examples ready.

Finally remember first impressions do count, dress to impress, look smart and turn up on time!

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