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Passive v Active Candidates

by Kate Temple-Brown April 10, 2013

​It was by advising one of our new clients, a small and very successful consultancy focussed on increasing a company’s relevance in today’s society and at the same time finding ways for them to increase their sustainability, that this became really clear to me.  Their challenge is that the adverts they post do not  target the people that they would like to hire.  The applicants are very often either focussing too much on the consultancy part of the company or too much on the sustainability, ‘good’, part.  Really the people they actually want to hire are incredibly bright, adaptable generalists, who are able to multi task and creatively work in a team environment to find solutions for clients who don’t always know what they want. 

We came to the conclusion that the best way for us to assist them in finding the people they actually wanted to hire, was for us to totally understand their company and then explain the role to candidates we believed would be a great fit , most of whom had never heard of this particular business Before we spoke of it.
Because we have a relationship with a large pool of exceptional candidates, Freshminds are in the perfect position to talk to suitable candidates about opportunities at companies that they would be very unlikely to find, at companies they may never have heard of.

Often, the best candidates are very successful in their present role and so are not even looking for new opportunities, many top performers will wait until they are ‘wooed’ by someone who they know understands their background and interests.   But Freshminds can help them to realise what their options are.

When you want to hire exceptional talent, ask yourself this question: would you seriously consider another job opportunity if you were convinced that  it would not only improve your standard of living but also advance your career  even if you weren’t actively looking at the time?  – I am sure most of you would answer yes. And if you answered yes, it is likely that many other people will too – perhaps the person that you need to make a difference in your organisation, is one who right now has never heard of you.

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