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You and your career; a marriage made in heaven?

by Tatiana Raikes February 25, 2013

​You know when you’ve been to a really good lecture or talk when the information sticks with you, and I mean really sticks with you. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience this recently and it’s really got me thinking. Bear with me while I attempt to impart my new found wisdom.

There are ups and downs with any career path but if you don’t enjoy what you spend your days doing; it’s just not worth it. We are nearly all guilty of doing things just because we think we should or for fear of failure. However, is this the best way to live our lives or to cultivate a full and rewarding career? Absolutely not. Yes, there are factors and necessities which affect our career choices but business leaders will all tell you that ultimately, love of the job is the key to their success.

We spend more than half of our lives at work but passion and fulfilment makes this time disappear. If the days are dragging on and you spend your hours willing the hands on the clock to move, you are not being productive and you certainly won’t be happy. And don’t think you’re fooling anyone at work either, your demeanour will say it all.

Avoid being a victim of duty, if you don’t love your job be honest with yourself and think about what it is that you do love. Your skills and your passions may not seem like they align in a professional environment but find the right job and they will. Our consultants will tell you that they are not happy until they have found you a job that you love. It’s rewarding for them, and rest assured it will be rewarding for you and totally change how you view your career. I’ll leave you with the following, don’t just ‘do’ a job, build a career you love and the job will do itself.

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