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Youth 100 Event

by Hannah Eder October 25, 2012

​Earlier today, Freshminds Talent were lucky enough to attend an exclusive breakfast launch at Google's Campus London, to witness the results of the Youth 100. This survey has been pulled together by The Beans Group, who surveyed over 1000 students, aged 18-24 across the UK to see which brands resonate most strongly with them today.

From Banking and Finance, Technology and Retail - the results were fascinating and often unpredictable! Visa were the 'Financial League Champions' with the Post Office and Co-op closely behind and it was encouraging to see the ethical values of a company being attractive.   We weren’t surprised to hear that Apple was the tech brand that more than 70% of young people were talking about but we were amazed to hear that more than 53% of youth  would rather lose their sense of smell than their phone or laptop! We were delighted that one of our lead clients, featured amongst the Top 10 winners and surprised to hear that the overall winner was YouTube!

It was great to be in a hub of entrepreneurialism, something innately part of Freshminds and a characteristic that seems to be flourishing amongst the youth surveyed. It was reassuring to hear the Red Bull panel representative passionately speaking about how the hike in University Tuition fees is actively encouraging students to work alongside their degrees and get involved with entrepreneurial ventures to pay their way through university, instead of deterring them from education altogether.  With job prospects being tough, Sean Pillot de Chenecey agreed that the way to get ahead is for the youth to be self-starting and have an adaptable approach- Youth 100 - The Beans Group.

University students face hard times and can be forced to make difficult decisions, but if you need help finding the right career- Freshminds Talent can help. We work with the brightest students and are committed to helping our clients find the most exceptional graduates, without exception. We look forward to working with more of the Top Youth 100 brands and want to thank The Beans Group for inviting us!

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