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Wisdom of the Crowd experiment

by Tatiana Raikes October 23, 2012

​Our Head of Interim and self-professed geek Nathan conducted an experiment last week in the name of science (and confectionery). He believed, having read something very clever, that he could successfully calculate the number of jelly babies in a jar based on the ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ theory. The entire Freshminds team were asked to guess the number of sweets, unveiling the true personalities of those most competitive amongst the team!

If someone guessed the right amount, they won the jar, if Nathan’s ‘crowdsourced’ number was correct, we would all share the sweets. We were highly sceptical of the result and shouts of sabotage were heard but amazingly, Nathan came up with the right number. Unluckily for him, so did Charlotte in the graduate team so they have all enjoyed a sugar high this afternoon.

The accuracy of the experiment is fairly unbelievable so we are going to do it again, with a larger sample size and higher margin for error. Watch this space to see if the ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ theory passes the test.

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