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Heard of HEARs?

by Tatiana Raikes October 03, 2012

​If you haven’t, I expect you soon will. Higher education achievement reports or HEARs are designed to better showcase a graduate’s skills, experience and knowledge. We are rather excited about this. The traditional benchmarking system of degree classes seems outdated and with so many 2:1’s or higher these days, your mark alone is not enough to differentiate you.

The buzz word of the moment is ‘employability’, and HEARs could go some of the way towards demonstrating this. Although a CV can list your past work experience and the extracurricular activities you take part in whilst at uni, these must be kept short to avoid cluttering. Now, with a HEAR, all of the interesting things you do will be properly documented and celebrated.

Employers will be able to see a more detailed view of your university career which is great because as we all know, nowadays your career starts at uni if not before. I don’t think that the degree classification system will cease to be a determining factor for employers, but I do think that HEARs will help kick-start employers to look further beyond your degree mark.

At Freshminds we always look for innovative graduates who make the most of their time at university and those who stand out for their going above and beyond. Who knows, HEARs could become a future benchmark for employability, we look forward to seeing our first one!

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