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Proud to be Hiring – celebrating Great British jobs

by Tatiana Raikes July 03, 2012

​Freshminds Talent, as part of our CSR initiative for 2012, have embarked on a mission to create some good news for British jobs growth. With support from Chris Grayling MP, the CBI's Neil Carberry, Start Up Britain founder Emma Jones and The New Entrepreneurs Foundation, Freshminds has launched 'Proud to be Hiring' to showcase the companies creating new jobs in 2012.

Proud to be Hiring is a national web based campaign which aims to get all companies who are making new hires this year to apply and join the good news. The companies who sign up are published on the site along with information about the number of hires and selected quotes as to why they are proud to be hiring. We want to reward not just the large blue chip organisations who have large PR budgets, but also Britain’s successful SMEs whose rapid growth should be acknowledged for the positive effect it will have on the economy.

So far we have 26 'Proud' companies signed up and a total of 218 new jobs in only 2 weeks since launching. 

We would be delighted if you could support this ‘Proud to be Hiring’ initiative in any way you can either through signing up or spreading the word and please follow the campaign on Twitter here.

If you have any further questions about the campaign please email Tatiana.raikes@freshminds.co.uk

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