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Getting ahead of the game

by Harriet Clark July 11, 2012

​Earlier this week, the MD of Freshminds Talent, James, the Head of Graduate, Soraya, and I attended a conference in south Wales. It was the 'Association of Graduate Recruiters' annual event, the crème de la crème of the recruitment world were there to give their insight into getting a graduate on board.

The overarching theme of the conference was 'getting ahead of the game' and it got me to thinking. Here's my advice for getting ahead of the competition for a great graduate job;

• Warm up. Preparation is a crucial part of any job application, make sure you do it. And be thorough.

• Understand your opposition. Ahead of an interview, have a think about who else is likely to be applying and how you can differentiate yourself from the crowd. 

• Serve an ace. Start your application off with a flying start by writing a compelling cover letter. It should focus on why you want to work for this employer and what you can add to their business. Make it specific; no copy & paste!

• Good hands. A strong handshake is key at an interview (but don't be a knuckle crusher) 

• Don't get sent off. Keep your cool at all times even if you get an unsettling question, take a deep breath, keep calm and carry on.

• Tee up the next steps. Ensure you're aware of what's coming up in the process and you're clear on what will be required of you down the line.

• Keep your eyes on the finish line. Throughout the selection process ensure you're showing how much being selected means to you. Employers want to know you want them!

• Be a winner.

And, with that, I am out of sporting metaphors, but, for more career tips and job advice, the Freshminds team are always on hand, so give us a call.

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