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Graduate Schemes for SMEs - The smart option

by Harriet Clark June 29, 2012

​Graduate schemes have been the territory of large corporates for years, they are totally sold on the value of bringing in graduates to their businesses.  Historically SMEs have not been as quick to introduce a graduate programme but now is the perfect time for them to get in on the act. Here’s why:

The time is now. Competition for places with the larger corporates is fierce in the recession and thus ‘Generation Y’ graduates are getting more creative with their options; now is the time for SMEs to compete to attract the very best and brightest of the graduate community.

Low risk. A cohort of graduates will diminish the risk of employee churn; ‘Generation Y’ graduates work best as part of the team. Remember, they’re the facebooked, entwittered and linkedIn students of the 80s and 90s.

Low cost. Manage your recruitment costs and processes by hiring high-potential graduates on a scheme, it’s one intake, one lot of admin and one assessment strategy that will provide you with excellent candidates.

Fast-track. A ‘scheme’ allows you to fast-track the high-potential graduates into positions of responsibility and leadership. Give them wide exposure across your business and foster the leaders of the future.

They want YOU. At Freshminds, we naturally attract a graduate or second-jobber who no longer wants to be a small fish in a big pond. Increasingly, the top graduates are attracted to a smaller organisation where they can progress quickly and gain exposure.

Bringing graduates into an SME really is a win-win situation; the business enjoys the enthusiasm, strong work ethic and energy of its graduates, whilst the graduates gain an excellent opportunity to learn, to progress and to gain experience with some of the most innovative and dynamic organisations in the world. What are you waiting for?

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