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Are you a corporate chameleon?

by Niamh Kinsella June 18, 2012

​One of the most important things we can ask of our Interim Minds is adaptability.

Can you show up on time to an office you’ve never been to before, find the right reception and the right floor, show yourself to your designated workspace, contact IT for your login details, get to grips with your phone, and get started on your role? It is and it isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Working on Interim placements means no two experiences are ever quite the same, and none of the above are givens. So here are some key things to remember to ensure you’re an adaptive animal:

- Smile. When new to a workplace and unsure of its protocols, a positive and friendly demeanour encourages others that you’re happy to be there, and that they in turn are happy to help you.

- Ask questions. This is no time to be a wall flower. Often there’s a lot to accomplish in a short time, so it’s really important to get stuck in as quickly as possible. This may be more difficult at first when tasks are unfamiliar, so ask, ask, ask – and if there isn’t anyone around, find someone! You’re not bothering them, you’re a fellow colleague seeking their assistance.

- Stay task-focused. Some Interim roles are clearly defined, making it obvious how you are going to be spending your time. Some are less definitively structured, and it may be down to you to work up an appropriate plan of action as to how you’re going to proceed. Remember that it’s results you need – this is no time to get side-tracked!

Interim work is really rewarding in that you can make a genuinely positive contribution in a short space of time. What’s important to remember is that the level to which you succeed at this is not just related to your skills on paper – it’s down to your adaptability.

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