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Interim? Yes please!

by Niamh Kinsella May 04, 2012

​After a quick read of this Harvard Business Review article I realised just how attractive the option of starting a freelance career can be compared to taking the permanent employment route. It seems I am not the only worker  in 2012 having this type of light bulb moment  - according onrec Q1 of 2012 saw a 33% increase in temporary hiring on the previous quarter!

Although the benefits of switching to contracting appear to be endless, my fantastic 4 are as follows;


Temporary positions give you more flexibility and freedom to enjoy the good things in life. You decide how long  you want to commit to a project, how much of your week you want to spend working and it’s often easier to fit in holidays and social plans. 


Your career is now firmly in your hands and you have the control to choose what projects you want to work on and whom you want to work with. Now that you are in the driving seat you will be able to maximise your skills by picking and choosing the environment where you work best and feel most comfortable.


Remember the world is your oyster, with short term projects you are able to develop new skills in a small period of time. This allows you to explore a bigger variety of industries and sectors.


Job satisfaction is a must, life's too short after all. If you’re finding it tough to land that dream role in a top-tier strategy consultancy you can get the correct exposure  by freelancing and gain valuable insight into your perfect  company, this in turn will help you become more marketable as a candidate for a future consultant role.

It might be time for you to take control of your career and gain the satisfaction you deserve. After all, variety is the spice of life!

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