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Career change in a recession

by Susanna Hofmann May 22, 2012

​During these difficult economic times it can be frustrating and ultimately unrewarding to stay in a job where you are underappreciated, overworked and feel like you are not growing or developing. As the economic conditions remain uncertain, don’t feel like your career should be mapped in one direction. Deciding and implementing a career change and starting from scratch may be the best career move you will ever make. Try not to think of this kind of change as risk; see it as an evolution.

Companies are always looking for those individuals who can hit the ground running and who will require minimum training. Therefore, you will need to identify transferable skills you have gained through education and work you have done in the past, and pursue companies rather than vacancies.

The key is to figure out what problems and challenges the business you want to work in is currently facing. By doing this you must apply your knowledge and skills to tackle them; read industry journals, social media and cultivate good contacts in advisors and mentors. Additionally, you should always tailor your CV according to the specific vacancy for which you are applying, highlighting your relevant skills for that particular role. Finally, you should look to demonstrate how you would “provide value” in the interview.

Try to avoid shifting into a direction that someone else tells you to go in. Do your own homework and make your own decisions. That's where the motivation to succeed lives.

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