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5 qualities in a candidate which are attractive to small businesses

by Dean Stothard May 23, 2012

Here at FreshMinds we have a wide range of clients from large multi-national organisations to smaller more entrepreneurial type businesses. While every hiring decision is important, when recruiting for a small business the qualities you bring to a team are examined even more thoroughly. This is because most hires are vital to the future of the business and there is the danger of a potential negative impact should they not get the hire right.

Below are 5 qualities that will help make you attractive to potential employers at a small business and help you to tailor your approach.

  1. Attitude is key - People who are personable, friendly, outgoing and make your day a little more fun are a great addition to a team. Customers buy more and build longer-term relationships from people they like. Having a good attitude towards work will help sell you to prospective employers.

  2. Be unique - People who are quirky and unique are not only remembered by an interviewer but also by customers or a client. An employee who isn’t afraid to stand out or go the extra mile in their job will be a more valued member of staff and therefore a much bigger "value add" when looking to recruit into a small team.

  3. Be flexible - Great employees are willing to do whatever it takes and are more concerned with overall objectives and goals than their individual duties. Small businesses require employees to be able to adapt quickly and understand that it is a more fluid environment then a structured larger company.

  4. Strive to make a difference- Employees are paid to work, not just hold a position. In a small business where every person is key to the success of the business, you must strive to make a difference or add value to everything that you do.

  5. Be willing to learn and take on responsibility- In small business, senior staff members are often very busy, so having the luxury to delegate responsibilities and tasks is extremely valuable. Employees with an independent streak can assist business decision makers and help free their time to focus on other things. This is a quality that can not be overlooked in a small business when time is of the essence.

Each role and organisation is unique and will require you as a candidate to adapt your approach accordingly. Hopefully the qualities listed above will help you make yourself attractive to those types of small employers. Best of luck with your job search!

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