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Why save the best til last?

by Soraya Pugh April 19, 2012

​I am always slightly frustrated when I hear my clients or employers insisting on spending large sums of money advertising for urgent vacancies. When they finally give Freshminds a call, they are drowning in hundreds of irrelevant CVs and are spending their precious time sifting through what may look great on paper but often not right in person.

I manage a growing business within Freshminds and completely empathise with the time it takes to hire an exceptional candidate quickly. Every role is urgent and it isn’t always easy to plan your hiring ahead of the curve! There is nothing more disheartening than hoping a fabulous CV will equal the perfect candidate and offering the role to the perfect candidate who then tells you, they have 3 other opportunities on the go therefore will kindly decline your offer. The time and effort that has gone into getting to this stage is not even worth thinking about!

How we can help

Fear not, as Freshminds is here to solve all of these challenges. Whilst the first objection we face is cost, our aim is to save you the cost of advertising, sifting through hundreds of irrelevant CVs, interviewing tens of candidates before you offer the best one who may decline your offer.

Quite simply, we will send you 3-5 CVs, within 5 days of engaging us, guaranteeing that one of these CVs will result in an offer sifting out those candidates who may be window shopping or not genuinely interested in your company. So, we can fill your urgent vacancy within a couple of weeks of kicking off the search which means your key hire is on board quicker, saving you time and stress.

How? Well, we spend most of our time building and engaging with the networks of candidates you will want to hire so, we are already one step ahead of the game. We have instant access to pre-vetted pools of candidates who we can interview at a touch of a button for your role.

I completely understand that the ‘sensible’ thing to do is to exhaust all options before engaging an agency but often this is too late, the cost is incurred and you may have lost the right candidate for you to another company. Why not try both avenues at the same time or let us take it all off your hands? It means, either way, you will fill your role quicker with the right candidate first time around.

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