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5 Top Tips for surviving redundancy

by Demelza Soumagnas April 27, 2012

​Sadly in the current economic climate, we are meeting more and more candidates who are facing redundancy and considering where to go from here. We’ve been impressed by our candidates’ attitudes and approach and wanted to share what makes them stand out from the crowd.

1. Don’t take it personally

Redundancy is hideous and it is natural to feel betrayed, angry or upset. The key is to remember that this is ultimately not personal. Many companies are looking to cut costs and are facing economic pressures like never before. Remember that it is your job that has been made redundant, not you. It’s not your fault and it’s not worth beating yourself up.

2. Take a step back

This is an ideal moment to take a deep breath and look at your career and your life more broadly. Take time to review what you enjoyed and didn’t enjoy about your last job. Think about where your career is headed – is it a direction you’re happy with? Is this the time to rethink? What are the skills you’ve enjoyed using to date and what would be your dream job for your next step?

3. Use the money and opportunity

Depending on how much you get, this could be a dream opportunity. What have you been longing to do for ages but never had the time or money? Learn a new language? Do some more travelling? Spend more time with your family? This could be your moment. Whether to start your own business or to pay off debt, receiving an unexpected chunk of money can be a very positive part of redundancy. We’ve met candidates who have used the money to take some months off to study for a professional qualification they’d been longing to do or to pay off their student debt in one go. We’ve been impressed by candidates who have taken hold of the opportunity and used their time to further develop themselves or their skills – use this as an opportunity to really show what you can do in a tricky situation!

4. Use the time to job hunt creatively

You have more time than other candidates so make sure you use every avenue open to you. Aside from online job boards and of course Freshminds’ services, make sure you use any contacts from your previous employer and draw on any networks you’ve built up from your past role. Attend networking events and make sure you’re up to speed with what’s happening in the industry you’re interested in. People are generally very responsive to candidates who have been made redundant and will be willing to help you so make the most of all of this goodwill!

5. Prepare carefully for interviews

It’s important you prepare well for interviews and can explain your redundancy clearly and transparently. Redundancy is nothing to be ashamed of so be honest and direct and put a positive spin on the experience. A candidate we met a few weeks ago shared that “the experience has been a real set-back but I’m grateful for the opportunity to rethink my career and make sure I’m in a role which is using all of my skills”. We were impressed by her positivity and can-do attitude – and future employers will be impressed by her resilience. 

Best of luck whatever your situation!

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