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Top student entrepreneurs descend upon Aston University

by Nick Willis February 22, 2012

​Having recently returned from the National Student Enterprise Conference, I am filled with anticipation as to what great ideas and future businesses may come as a result of this annual event. The key message from event organisers (NACUE) was that of promoting disruptive enterprise, and developing the next batch of young entrepreneurs.

The event, held at Aston University, received great attendance thanks to the impressive line-up of guest speakers, including Malcolm Levene, David Bozward, and Dan Sodergren to name a few. With talks ranging from a start-up crash course, to ideas generation and disruptive business models, the weekend programme created a great buzz amongst the attendees.

Which leads me nicely onto The New Entrepreneurs Foundation, a fantastic opportunity to work alongside a top CEO, getting involved in projects and also receiving monthly world class training from the likes of McLaren, Deloitte and the London Business School. We are in our final week of applications, so get applying now! Your application will take less than 30 minutes, so don’t miss out!

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