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Careers in Financial Services

by Soraya Pugh January 24, 2012

​A few days ago I commented on how to ‘get on’ in a career in retail banking – I often feel that retail banking is not given the credit it deserves.  It can be a fantastic start to a career for a bright, ambitious graduate.  The operational exposure you are able to gain within brand or telephony is second to none and puts you in good stead for any customer facing role. 

Managing a branch as part of your graduate programme can be extremely valuable experience for future careers.  The management, people and entrepreneurial skillset you pick up is recognised by employers.

At Freshminds Talent, we help high flying candidates launch and develop their careers in a broad range of sector / functions within Financial services ranging from Investment Banking, Private Equity to Asset Management and Retail / Consumer Banking.  If this sounds like you, do get in touch with Freshminds Talent.

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