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About 10 years ago by Soraya Pugh

UpRising and FreshMinds Graduate


​FreshMinds Graduate are partnering with a fascinating organisation, UpRising, developed and launched by the Young Foundation in 2008. 

UpRising is dedicated to supporting and developing young adults from diverse backgrounds in order to become the next generation of effective and connected leaders across the public, private and voluntary sectors.  What is most incredible about the organisation is the sheer impact they have on young people and their communities.  UpRising help these talented young people by offering what they call ‘a unique combination of leadership training, mentoring and campaigning’ which means the candidates develop themselves but can also pass on their knowledge / learnings to their communities. 

With Patrons including David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband, we couldn’t be more pleased to be building a relationship with such a fantastic organisation making a real impact on young people, employability and leadership.

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