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The digital dilemma - how to keep ahead of a constantly changing world

by Phillippa Dunlop November 02, 2011

Freshminds works with an increasing number of clients in the Technology, Media and Telecoms space, many of whom seem to be grappling with common people issues; those caused by the pace of digital convergence.

A key observation is that the industry is moving faster than skills are developing within it, and the conclusion emerging seems to be that commercial momentum can only be maintained through the hiring of high potential talent into business critical roles. This talent is often undefined in terms of skills and experience, and we are advising several clients as to what expertise, and value they need to enhance their commercial, digital functions, and perhaps more saliently, how to find those people that bring it!

A number of organisations on our radar have started to think about “Leadership Schemes” as a means of recruiting, retaining and indeed developing high potential talent. In these cases, FreshMinds Talent will hit the ground running within business critical roles from day one, and form part of a succession plan over the longer term. We have advised around the set up of these schemes, as well as having recruited on to them, and recently hosted a breakfast during which we shared key learnings with World Expert John Adair and a number of clients for whom this issue of “finding and keeping great people” is particularly pertinent given the dynamics of their industries.

Whether requirements in this changing age translate to one-off hires, or a cohort of would-be digital gurus, the pace of digital progression clearly represents a superb opportunity for us, our candidates, and also our clients as they seek to redefine their “traditional”, experience led approach to talent acquisition and management.

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