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Spelcheck is youre Freind

by Claire Barnes November 02, 2011

​On the FreshMinds Select Team we see many CVs every day so understandably only a few really stand out. Unfortunately, some of those CVs are memorable for all the wrong reasons – namely the unfortunate typo. Even the most innocuous spelling, grammar or formatting error on your CV can instantly mark you out as lacking attention to detail or even basic literacy skills and as the first, and sometimes only, thing an employer or recruiter will see of you the importance of getting it right cannot be stressed highly enough.

Some tips:

  • Run it through Spell-check – some of the angry red lines are just because your computer doesn’t know you’re not American but it doesn’t hurt to make sure.

  • Have someone else look over the CV – fresh eyes will see things you won’t and will be able to sense check your content.

  • Give it to someone outside of your organisation to check – it can be extremely easy to forget that internal jargon looks like nonsense to anyone not in the loop.

And in case it doesn’t seem worth all the extra effort here is an extract from someone’s CV as a cautionary tale:

“I have a known track record and excellent experience with accurancy and fixing erors

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