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Short and sweet - job news by tweet

by Claire Barnes November 07, 2011

​The Freshminds Select Team is now on twitter! Yes – we will be tweeting all the latest roles, events and top tips so make sure you follow us: @FreshmindsJobs. Now, you might not think you can get a real sense of whether a job is for you from only 140 characters but check out these fantastic opportunities described in 15 words or less:

  • Fantastic opportunity to help transform a leading UK retailer. 

  • Exceptional opportunity to join the central strategy team of a top ten credit card issuer.

Of course there’s nothing new under the sun and historically short and sweet has almost always come out on top – the Gettysburg Address was only 271 words long and intended as an introduction to a second speech which lasted for several hours but only one of those speeches is remembered now! We’re not suggesting that anything tweeted will have quite as much impact and longevity as the Gettysburg Address but there is no doubt that if any politician says anything that eloquent again you’ll hear about it first on Twitter. So if you want to make sure you’re hearing all the latest trends, news and roles in your field first sign up for twitter and follow us! @FreshmindsJobs

Claire Barnes works on the Freshminds Select team

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