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Is there ever a good time to go on holiday?

by Will Dawson November 07, 2011

​How you manage your holiday time could make the difference in your job search. We are finding that diaries of candidates and clients are seriously full at the moment, and given the competitiveness in the market, it is as important as ever to plan ahead.

Fortunately I am heading off next week, but for most people in professional services my suggestion is to carefully assess the timing of your holidays - think about new projects coming in, deadlines that will occur in your absence etc.

Above all, you don’t want to let holiday plans slip up your job search, so why maybe keep these tips in mind when you are making your plans:

Top holiday tips:

  • Any good recruiter will ask, but make sure you let us know if you have any holiday plans in the next three months. This will allow us to plan ahead and inform the client to ensure your holiday doesn’t become the bottleneck that stops you getting that role.

  • Use your planned holiday as an advantage. Getting days off for interviews is never easy, so using a day either side of a holiday can be a good idea.

  • Take holiday! We understand that holiday days are precious, but so are rare career opportunities. Clients are increasing flexible with interviews at the start and end of days. However, the emphasis is on the candidate to make themselves available. If you are struggling to find availability, you may need to question how much you want that role?

Anyway, hope you all have productive weeks!

Will Dawson is a consultant on the FreshMinds Select Team.

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