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Graduate roles in SMEs

by Demelza Soumagnas November 29, 2011

​It’s that time of year when many graduates finish up their travels, return back to a grey UK and suddenly realise they need a job. Of course they realised before, but now the terrifying reality is that there is no more student loan. Bills have to be paid.

And for many, this is compounded by the fact that it’s too late to apply for graduate schemes. Well don’t panic! There are still graduate jobs left, especially in SMEs (small to medium enterprises) who we recruit for all year round. Here is the FreshMinds Talent guide to working for a smaller company and the benefits they can offer.

Exposure: Working for a smaller company with less distinction between teams and roles can give you greater exposure to the workings of a business, from supply chain and finance through to client-facing opportunities. This breadth of exposure is unique to SMEs, as is the broad skill-set you can develop. Whether it’s tracking the company’s performance in Excel, hobnobbing with clients or giving the CEO input and ideas on future business growth, working for an SME is incredibly challenging and exciting.

Responsibility: With increased exposure comes increased responsibility and accountability. Graduates in SMEs are encouraged to take greater ownership of opportunities given to them and freedom to develop opportunities that they identify. For this reason, those who excel are bright, flexible and proactive. Graduates who make things happen are a perfect fit for SMEs.

Tailored career progression: Having a more flexible approach to career progression, SMEs allow you to take ownership of your career and to carve out the right role for you. SMEs often have a flat structure so if you come in and shine, you’ll go far. They are particularly suited to the more entrepreneurially-minded who often find a more structured training scheme too restrictive.

Team: In an SME there is typically an enhanced sense of team, where all employees get to be a vital part of the bigger picture. Quarterly results take on a whole new meaning when you can see the impact your work has had on the business. More than this, you’ll most likely be rubbing shoulders with senior partners and even founders of the business on a daily basis. There’s no better way to learn from the best.

We’re working with SMEs across the FMCG sector, consultancy, research and online. Get in touch if this sounds like it could be for you!

Demelza Bowyer is a candidate manager on the FreshMinds Talent Graduate Team

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