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11 years of FreshMinds - our story so far

by Maria Onyango November 07, 2011
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​Freshminds is officially 11 years old! It’s very exciting. We had a cake, and a party. And a bit of nostalgia. Once upon a time, it was just our two foundersCharlie OsmondandCaroline Plumb, sitting across a table together in a living room, with everything to work for. How time flies!

Now, Freshminds  comprises three separate businesses (Talent,ResearchandFreshNetworks) all of whom are market leaders in their fields.

I sit on the Interim Talent Team, where we find contract roles for candidates of all experience levels, across sectors.  We have an amazing network of candidates that we manage via regular campaigns and catch-ups, as well as events (Talent as a whole has just had a Leadership Breakfast, and is looking forward to our annualOnes to Watchevent, as well as an event  with the London Library and The Times). This network has been developed for the last ten years, and we know our candidates really well.

Over the years we have changed and - the Interim Team has expertise from different sectors and countries and as such we are able to fill 85% of  the placements we take on, against an industry standard of 40% - we are very proud of this. Additionally, while we used to work on around 90% graduate recruitment, now over 45% of our interim candidate pool comes from top tier strategy consultancies, and the remainder hail from other top strategy/management consultancies (such as Accenture, Monitor, PwC and Deloitte) or have outstanding industry experience.

We work with the big names in consultancies as well as niche and boutique consultancies, very cool start-ups and established brand names that are the leading lights in their areas.

Now that Freshminds is 11, we are of course looking to the future. We’ve just joinedTwitter,  we’re looking at new and innovative ways to advertise our roles so as to spread the Freshminds message further afield. And, we’re making contacts within universities so as to make sure recent graduates and experienced alumni aren’t missing out on our jobs.

It’s been a great 11 years so far, and here’s to 11 more wonderful years of growth, innovation and placing excellent candidates in interesting jobs. A big thank you to all our clients and our candidates, who have worked with us to help Freshminds become one of the great London Recruitment Consultancies!

Maria Onyango is a candidate manager on theInterim teamat Freshminds Talent

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