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London, or perhaps not?

October 07, 2011

​Making my way through the streets of Paris this week at the height of commuter mayhem I was struck by just how little mayhem there was. A stark contrast to my daily commute amid throngs of fellow Underground travellers here in London. We have become so used to the hectic pace of life in London that it is easy to forget that the vast majority of people have very different starts to their days. Many will argue that London is where you need to be for the opportunities and even more so if you see your career moving in the direction of real commercial leadership.

There are however some very exciting opportunities outside of Central London offering outstanding leadership development and a significantly less frenetic pace of life. Take the BT Fast Track Programme for example, where we are specifically searching for potential leaders to tackle highly challenging and rewarding roles but in the regions. Not only do the roles offer exceptional career progression but cost of living and pace of life are also significantly lower. Similarly, clients such as ASDA, based in Leeds, offer superb opportunities for talented individuals both in the short and longer term.

I would therefore urge candidates to think a little more broadly about where they might find that next opportunity, the one that very well might turn out to catapult them forward in their career. And just think, no more Underground, no more jostling crowds, no more standing at the bus station on dark and cold winter mornings. 

Leeds, here we come!

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