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A new approach to your next role

by Katharine de Vaal October 26, 2011

A new approach when you’re not sure what the next job might look like:

I often find myself in initial interviews with very bright, highly articulate and extremely driven candidates who are struggling to really pin-point what their next role might look like. What is going to get them out of bed on most Monday mornings with that little extra pep in their step?

This burning question around the unknown next career step is often what drives candidates to speak to FreshMinds Talent in the first place. A few fresh ideas and slightly left field opportunities are exactly what we hope to be able to provide.

That said, it is very much a two way road of communication and I think there are a few simple exercises that can lift candidates out of the goldfish bowl of their day-to-day roles, companies and sectors.

If you are thinking about a new role then you have likely started hopping onto job boards and browsing company websites for an indication of who is hiring and what types of opportunities are out there.

One of the dangers, however, is that you will likely be looking first at the job titles, salaries and the necessary skills and then quickly eliminating those roles for which you don’t recognise the titles or don’t tick all of the boxes for in terms of skills and experiences.

Why not try approaching it the other way around and ignore job titles, sectors, salaries and focus purely on the meat of the role? Try and get a sense for what jumps out at you and which elements of a role description are capturing your interest at first glance. It may very well be that you are drawn to roles that are a few jumps into the future but the exercise is a great way to get a sense of where your skill gaps are and what you need to work on acquiring in the next move.

I like to think of it as the ‘gut instinct’ approach to thinking about your next role and you never know, you may just be surprised at new pastures uncovered!

Katharine de Vaal is a senior consultant for FreshMind Select

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