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3 Secrets to Career Success (part 5) - Final thoughts

by James Callander October 25, 2011

​In the final part of his blog series, Phil Bolton, career coach with Less Ordinary Living rounds up his fantastic advice.

The Hidden Secrets to landing your Ideal Job – Part 5

By Phil Bolton – Career Coach – Less Ordinary Living

This series has shared the hidden secrets to successfully navigating the recruitment process and landing the job you want.

Over the last four weeks, I’ve shared powerful techniques to help you stand out from the crowd, shine at interview and get hired.

These are summarized in the 3 C’s’ of Career Success:

Clarity –  getting clear on why you are the perfect candidate for the job and why it is the perfect job for you.  Click here for techniques to find focus in your job search

Confidence – boosting your confidence through preparation, learning to articulate your skills effectively and telling your career story.  Click here to learn how

Charisma – how to stand out from the crowd and shine at interview.  Click here to find out more

In fact, the 3 C’s’ should actually be 4.  The last C for Career Success is Chutzpah.

Chutzpah is a Yiddish word meaning someone with an audacious attitude.  When it comes to getting the job you want, a little bit of Chutzpah can help tremendously.

Here are 4 ways to get the mindset for success:

1. See recruitment as a two way process

Recruitment is all about finding the right person for the right job.  Putting a square peg in a square hole.

Only when there is a mutual good fit is a successful hire made.

As a skilled and successful professional you have plenty offer. Beware of feeling like a supplicant rather than an applicant.  You shouldn’t be pleading for a job.

As a candidate with chutzpah you are looking for a job where you can develop your skills and accelerate your career in a culture you enjoy.  You have the right to take your time, be selective and to say no to opportunities that don’t feel right.

When you see recruitment as a two-way process you empower yourself and take control.  Your confidence is attractive to potential employers and will allow you to show yourself in your best light.

2. Sell yourself

We have a tendency in the UK to be quite reserved and modest.  Recruitment is not the place to be hiding your light under a bushel.  When you are looking for a job, you are selling yourself, so don’t be shy.

Your CV is a two page sales pitch that takes your entire lifetime of skills and experience and shows you at your absolute best.

A job interview is an opportunity for you to show the interviewer the full extent of your talent and suitability for the role.

Taking some time to review your skills, strengths and experience and feel confident about what makes you unique and great is vital.  Learning to talk fluently about your best experiences will help you stand out.

With a bit of Chutzpah, you can sell yourself and stand out from the crowd.

3. Treat the job search as your most important priority

Recruitment is not to be taken lightly.  You are choosing where and how you’ll spend most of your waking hours.  Fully committing to a job search means giving it your absolute best at all times.

Some keys to prioritizing your job search include:

• Giving consistent effort and focus to your job search
• Ensuring every communication you make is timely, professional and clear
• Preparing thoroughly for every conversation and interview
• Giving your all in every interview and conversation

With a little chutzpah in your approach and full commitment you increase your chances of success and leave a great impression with everyone you meet.

4. Enjoy it

There are two ways to look at the recruitment process:

An endless struggle to fight the hordes for those rare precious jobs
An enjoyable way to meet interesting new people, learn about new industries and companies and ultimately find a great job that advances your career journey

Enjoying the recruitment process can transform your approach:

  • You’ll see interviews as building your network rather than torture

  • You’ll see research as expanding your knowledge about different industries rather than a necessary evil

  • You’ll find out more about what type of work brings you true fulfilment and satisfaction

  • You’ll see different work cultures and learn what type of organisation feels like the best fit for you

Your great attitude will give you more energy and tenacity to see your search through.  Your enthusiasm will be infectious and help you to stand out from the crowd.

Last Word

Getting the job you want isn’t a dark art or down to luck.

When you put the four C’s’ of Career Success to work you can stand out from the crowd and find work that is satisfying, fulfilling and enjoyable.
For more information, or to get in touch with Phil about his services visit www.lessordinaryliving.com

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