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Bouncing to success

by Soraya Pugh September 06, 2011

I have used the words ‘first bouncers’ a number of times in the last week so I thought this warranted a blog.

Our clients love:

Candidates who have completed a graduate scheme /  at a great company or;
Candidates who have up to a year’s worth of good commercial exposure under their belts who are now looking for their next challenge.
So, this poses two questions, why do candidates move at the 1-2year stage? And, why do Graduate employers love these candidates? At FreshMinds Talent we meet with a great deal of exceptional first bouncers / second-jobbers looking for their next career move.  We are seeing an increasing demand for these candidates.

5 reasons why first bouncers move

1 - Candidates will join a particular graduate scheme for the training it offers so they can build a strong foundation of skills.
2 - Candidates may join a larger firm for their first role to get a strong brand name on their CV prior to moving to a smaller company where they can really shine
3 - Candidates may be disillusioned by their initial career of choice and now that they have some commercial experience under their belt, they seek out new and different challenges
4- Candidates may be looking for an increase in salary and a move is the best way to achieve this
The average length of time Gen Y candidates spend in a role is 16 months – there is a culture emerging where bright, ambitious graduates crave change in order to feel like they are progressing

5 reasons why first bouncers are in high demand

1 - They are ‘client ready’ and ‘office ready’ as they will have had the ‘edges knocked off them’.  They will have a commercial awareness that sets them apart from fresher graduates with internship experience
2 - These candidates can truly hit the ground running and make an impact in their first month.  What I mean by this is that they bring skillsets and learnings from their previous employer and can therefore add value quickly.
3 - These candidates are ‘go-getters’ – they are motivated, dynamic and embrace change.  As we re-enter a growth economy, these are the types of candidates you need to help drive your business forward as they will want to progress with your business.
4 - These candidates are self-aware.  Many candidates fall into their first role and then slowly realise what they want and don’t want to do.
5 - Finally, these candidates will often require less management time as they will know more of what is expected of them by their manager.

FreshMinds Talent works with fresh Graduates as well as the second-jobber / first bouncer market.  Please do get in touch if you are struggling with any vacancies as we may be able to help.

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