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What's in store for 2011?

by Elizabeth Hobkinson August 30, 2011

I found the following statistics from Roland Berger think:act mini fascinating and was keen to share them with FreshMinds blog followers! The world is changing, what will 2011 bring?

145 goals were scored at the World Cup in 2010. Players were shown 245 yellow cards, 8 yellow-then-red and 9 red cards.
Nearly 80% of all clean tech innovations come from six countries: Japan, USA, Germany, Korea, France and the UK. Clean tech patent applications have risen 20% per year since the Kyoto Protocol was adopted in 1997.
Facebook announced it had signed up its 500 millionth user in 2010, making it the world’s most popular social networking website. It is now provided in over 70 languages.
In 2010, around 36 million iPhones were sold worldwide, up 40% on 2009. The number of people who use a mobile phone only and have no landline at home has risen over 700% since 2003. 6.1 billion text messages were sent in 2010, three times as many as three years ago.
In Denmark, 88% of companies have their own website and 80% in Germany.
In Germany, 340,000 people work for companies that generate electricity, heat or fuel from renewable resources. Over 10% of the total consumption of heat, electricity and fuel in Germany comes from renewable energies.
Around 80,000 hectares of land in Spain are used for the cultivation of genetically modified crops. In Germany only around 3,000 hectares are used for these crops.
Around 2 billion people now use the Internet. User numbers are growing fastest in developing countries. But while 71% of Germans now use the Internet, just 21% of the population of developing countries use it, and as few as 9.6% in Africa  do so.
20,000 liters of water are needed to manufacture one computer. The water footprint of one kilo of cheese is 5,000 liters. To make one hamburger you need 2,400 liters of water and 40 liters for a slice of wheat bread.
Around 1.35 billion Chinese inhabitants were counted in 2010 by 6 million census officials. It is the first census in the world’s most populous country for ten years.

Elizabeth Biggs is a consultant on the Interim team at FreshMinds Talent

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