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The 'Interim Advantage'

by Emily Gasche August 25, 2011
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​Interim recruitment is great news for firms seeking a competitive advantage, in providing them with instant access to what the FreshMinds Interim team call ‘Talent on Tap’. Whether the firm is looking to grow their product offering, enter a new market, deliver qualitative or quantitative market research or review operations, interim recruitment can provide firms with exceptional candidates with proven expertise to execute the new venture well and hit the ground running. This is what I like to refer to as the ‘interim advantage’.

The ‘interim advantage’ for firms lies in the fact that these projects are often a short-term process and demand for a specific skill set arises typically due to either a gap in capacity (or man power) or in knowledge within the existing team. The interim advantage enables businesses to respond quickly and effectively to these one-off projects and fluctuations in workload, for which it is not normally worth their while recruiting someone on a permanent basis. It grants staffing flexibility, with no cost of exit and the opportunity to convert the interim advantage into a permanent hire should you wish to.

Here at FreshMinds, over 45% of our interim candidate pool come from top tier strategy consultancies and are proven to be fantastic researchers and analysts.

Tap into our talent and get your interim advantage now.

Phil Bolton’s career tip: To find your ideal career path, look for work that feels exciting and energetic.  Thinking about the challenges and opportunities of the job should send a shiver down your spine.

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