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The fast track to leadership

by Phillippa Dunlop August 31, 2011

I have spent most of this week knee deep in assessment and selection for a Leadership Development Programme run by one of our largest clients. I’ve had a great time. The real bonus has been the sheer demand we’ve experienced  - our advertising and marketing campaign has yielded huge amounts of interest. Qualified interest for the most part I’m pleased to say. Now we realize the full appeal of these structured Management Programmes to our commercial talent pool we’re keen to ascertain just how many more are out there and where we can add further value. At first glance it would seem that the market isn’t huge. Organisations seem to invest heavily in recruitment at the Graduate level, less so in aspiring leadership and management potential. Surprising really  - arguably a structured recruitment and development scheme for “proven high potentials”  is a great way to capitalize on a competitor’s upfront investment!

Phillippa Dunlop is a consultant for Select at FreshMinds Talent

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