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The changing face of the Interim Market

by Charlotte Heard August 26, 2011

​The peaks and troughs of the Interim market are constantly evolving and now it seems the makeup of the interim workforce is following suit and on the move. Traditionally the more senior end of interim market has been dominated by experienced professionals edging towards the end of their career and perhaps looking to wind down into retirement. It has also been, like many industries, relatively male dominated. However, this trend seems to be changing with the age and gender distribution of Interim workforce undergoing a shift.

Charles Russam of Russam GMS, the interim management provider that regularly surveys the market, has reported that, whereas 30 years ago the average interim manager was 60, today the age is 52 and for women 47. It also seems that today females are more willing to jump on the Interim band wagon. According to Russam’s research, females now account for about 25% of the interim workforce, compared with 15% in 2007. It seems professionals, and particularly women, are realising that interim work can be seen as a career choice and builder and not simply a stepping stone to the retirement home.

With the already dynamic nature of the interim market, it will be interesting to see how the makeup of its interim workforce continues to develop throughout 2011 and perhaps more interestingly, the ways in which recruiters and employees will keep up with the changes afoot.

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Charlotte Heard is a candidate manager on the FreshMinds Talent Graduate Team

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