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The best Minds in the business…

by Maria Onyango August 31, 2011

Last week we hosted our very first Mind Event for the very freshest minds we work with here at FreshMinds Talent! You may have heard of recruiters holding events, dinners and the like for clients and even senior candidates, but at FreshMinds we have come to realise that our Minds are such an integral and valuable part of our business they deserve their own events to say thank you.

Over time, many of the FreshMinds Minds have introduced friends to us, given up their time and made a great effort on the Interim roles on which they have been placed. They have researched, coordinated, analysed, built complex Excel models, given insight, rented cars for fieldwork, written reports, interviewed executives and learned about a huge range of topics from long-span bridges to helicopters to cosmetic surgery to finance in China.

Our Junior Minds are great. And that’s why we decided to have this Mind event. We had 50 of our young candidates on a wine tour at the gorgeous Vinopolis for an evening of wine tasting and chat, so that they could meet each other, and the team.

It was a great night; we had a wine quiz and learned about things like corkage and ‘legs’, and before long everyone was chatting away. It was great to see our Junior Minds all together, comparing their experiences and putting names to faces! The FreshMinds Team had a great time too.

Hopefully, we’ll be organizing another Mind Event this year, for Minds that couldn’t attend this one and of course for newer Minds who, at the time we held this event, were just specks of talent on a distant horizon.

But the biggest round of applause goes to our Minds. We couldn’t do what we do without them; it is their unique intelligence, talent and enthusiasm that helps to make FreshMinds what it is and for that, thank you.

Maria Onyango is a Candidate Manager for FreshMinds Interim

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