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Something’s up in Germany

by Maria Onyango August 31, 2011

Have you heard the phrase, ‘men are like buses – none for ages and then three come along at once’?

Of course you have. But I bet you didn’t know that interim language placements are also like buses. Doesn’t roll easily off the tongue. But it’s true. At any given time I can tell you that there is something business-y happening in Norway, Germany, China or Finland.

I couldn’t tell you what, exactly. But I can always give you an idea of where things are happening, or are about to. How? Well m’dear, cross me palm with silver and all will be revealed. Not really. FreshMinds are good but we’re not quite psychic. We’re working on it though: HR has this hadron collider strapped to the back of a leprechaun, so by 2013 we’ll all be peering into the mists of time. And producing our own electricity.

I digress. The reason I always know where things are happening is because, seemingly randomly, the Interim Team at FreshMinds will suddenly get five separate requests for speakers of a certain language.

Right now, it’s German speakers. What is happening in Germany? Answers on postcards please. Especially if you happen to speak German.

In fact, if you do happen to speak German, have a 2.1 or above from a leading university, one year of commercial experience and an interest in e-business, get in touch. We currently have a 6 month role at A Big Name in e-business, requiring a German speaker. And, after a month of placing German speakers, I’m looking for one more, extra-special one.

And until HR is able to start cloning candidates….we have to find them from somewhere else. So if you are German or know German speakers of this ilk, do get in touch.

Until then, I’m off to sit under the hadron collider and try to teach these clones some Turkish.

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