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Our Entrepreneurial Talent

by Katherine James August 31, 2011

​Our entrepreneurial Talent

FreshMinds has always attracted candidates with an entrepreneurial bent and recently I’ve had a flurry of emails from candidates letting me know about their new businesses. It’s something I always love hearing about, so thought I’d share a few of them with you. Three to be precise.

First off there’s Emily Kerr. I met Emily a couple of years ago when she was looking for interim work while she set up a business writing tour guide books for kids. It sounded like a brilliant idea. Having seen the finished product I can now officially confirm that Unlocked Guides (http://www.unlockedguides.com/) are indeed rather splendid. You can order them from the website or on Amazon and so far there are ones for London, Edinburgh and the Lake District. They are really great - jammed with history, fun facts and enough activities to occupy even the most energetic of young minds. And my favourite thing – a double page spread of gold star stickers at the back which you can stick all over the book to rate the activities you’ve done, brilliant!

If you’ve had a hectic Saturday trying to keep up with your son/daughter/nephew/niece as they tear around London with their Unlocked Guide, you might want to stop by Sloane Square and purchase one of Timmy’s Pies (http://timmypies.typepad.com/timmys-pies/) from budding entrepreneur Tim Wilkes. Tim has set up a company committed to production of ‘deliciously unusual’ pies of the highest quality. Have a squizz at their website – I think you will agree that they look rather ap-pie-tising!

Finally, assuming you’ve recovered from my terrible pun and are frantically trawling the internet for an original gift for a special someone, you might just be interested in taking a look at Charlie Anson’s company, Charlie’s Cartoons (http://www.charliescartoons.com/). The deal is this. You send a photo to Charlie and his team and they will send you back a fabulous cartoon in as little as 3 days for an emergency!

What an innovative and talented bunch – we wish them all the best.

Katherine James is a Candidate Manager with our Interim Team

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