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It’s Who you know, not What you know….

by Phillippa Dunlop August 26, 2011

​Image courtesy of Michael D Brown

If this is a statement, rather than question - and indeed it is open to debate – then effective networking really is the way forward. Never mind finishing early for the Great British Getaway, FreshMinds Talent spent Maundy Thursday eve hosting their very own “How to get Networked” networking event. Working very hard to dispel the myth that networking is a bit like hard work – and that networking events, seminars, conferences and all such similar can not only be highly efficient means of meeting lots of potentially useful people in one go, but they can actually be fun too!

So, what is it you love about networking? What are its challenges? Where can we go to learn to network effectively – is networking a teachable trade? And what are the most useful events you’ve ever attended?

FreshMinds Talent would love to know where we should be frequenting more – and who else we need to know! We’ve taken to asking those we know well where they hang out – and the tip-offs have been great.

I’ve an interest in the media space and Soho House has probably been my favourite suggestion yet…. I’ll be attending the Internet World conference next month too…

So, we look forward to hearing from all you networkers out there. Who have you been talking to over the long weekend?

Phillippa Dunlop is a consultant on the FreshMinds Talent Select team

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