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Harvard: how to keep your star performers engaged

by Soraya Pugh August 31, 2011

According to the Harvard Business Review, as we move into recovery, employees – especially star performers – are likely to start weighing their options.  At FreshMinds, we speak to many exceptional candidates about their next career move.  As the market improves, businesses gear up for growth, new opportunities arise and star performers will have more options.

The key to retaining your high potentials is firstly to never assume they are engaged!

4 more tips from the Harvard Business Review on how to keep your star performers engaged:

Praise and recognition. It is the most inexpensive and under-utilized tool out there. When your stars do something right, say thank you and make their achievements known.
Challenging assignments. Give your top performers the opportunity to work on new and interesting projects that build their skills and give them a chance to shine.  
Development opportunities. Find inexpensive ways to deepen your stars’ skills such as providing mentors or opportunities to teach others.  Send them to speaking events, conferences and seminars where they can knowledge share and learn.
Non-monetary perks. Most top performers crave things that are intangible and easy to provide, such as flexibility, better work/life balance, or more autonomy.  Think laterally about rewards for these employees and surprise them by offering a perk when they least expect it!

Soraya Janmohamed is Head of Gradute at FreshMinds Talent

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