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FreshMinds Graduate 5-a-day: Top 5 tips on impressing at assessment centres

by Soraya Pugh August 26, 2011

  1. Be memorable! You want to leave the assessment centre knowing that the assessors and other candidates remember your name for all the right reasons.  Assessment centres usually involve a number of candidates so you need to differentiate yourself and make a positive impact.

  2. Be passionate! - Employers want to hire candidates who want to work for them, candidates who have done their research on the company and understand what they stand for.  Think carefully through your reasons for wanting to join a certain company and articulate these clearly and succinctly.

  3. Sell yourself! - Assessment centres provide you with a day or, in some cases, a few hours to really sell yourself to an employer.  Showcasing your competencies and suitability for the role is crucial.  Make your sell relevant and dignified.

  4. Be a team player! - An assessment centre usually consists of a group of candidates.  How you interact with these candidates is more important than you think.  If the other candidates buy into you, it is highly likely the assessors will too!  We all want to work with people who we like.

  5. Be professional! - An assessment centre is an opportunity for the assessors to imagine you in a role at the company.  Could you hit the ground running or do you have the potential to be a high performer?  Could they put you in front of clients once you have completed your training?  Treat the assessments as your first day on the job!

Soraya Pugh is the Head of the FreshMinds Talent Graduate team

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