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December: deck the halls with boughs of new jobs…

August 31, 2011

photo from shutterstock/FreshMinds Talent

If only there were some special recruitment carols, the festive period at FreshMinds Talent would be even jollier than it is already. Our seasonal cheer is derived mostly from placing our excellent candidates in great jobs in December - which is a perfect time to hire someone or to start a new job.

December is traditionally a quieter time for most businesses, as everything winds down a bit before Christmas. This leaves colleagues and managers with more time to explain the processes, quirks, history and networks of people in the business. They have more time to train and introduce, which means a new starter will be able to get to know their job under less pressure than at most other times of the year. Come January, which is a popular time to start a new job, each colleague is focussed on their own clean slate and new agenda for the new year. Projects, both internal and external, often begin in January. A new starter would really have to hit the ground running, with less support from colleagues.

photo from shutterstock/FreshMinds Talent

Starting a job in December is also great for joining in socially and networking. There are plenty of social events at this time of year, which means a chance to bond with people both within and outside your team. These occasions are a valuable way of networking around a business, and to meet important influencers that you may otherwise not come into contact with. Aside from that, staff can feel a bit left out if they miss a big night like the Christmas Party, along with the friendly workplace chatter about it both before and after the event.

Here at FreshMinds we’re writing our special recruitment carols and swapping mince pie recipes already…

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