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Can you stay in consulting?

by Can you stay in consulting? August 31, 2011

Those who regard recruitment into the consulting market as something of an economic barometer will be reading positive things into the fact that there is currently serious competition to hire consultants. We’re speaking to many consultants who are interviewing widely with competing firms, both niche and multi disciplinary, and  having even more conversations with those looking to leave the industry behind and move into corporate roles. A recent survey we comissioned for our clients suggests that industry in fact represents the most significant competition for consultancy firms.

We’re seeing reaction to this in the form of significant counter offers from consulting firms themselves – suggesting that whilst attraction is clearly high on the agenda, retention is another matter entirely – and needs due consideration in its own right. How does one grow a career consultant? And what for the work life balance? What does all this this mean for the overall sustainability of the industry - can it really keep up with a recovering economy? These are questions that the industry will have to address, before their best consultants escape to industry.

Phillippa Dunlop is on the Select team at FreshMinds Talent

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