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Beyond engineering for graduates

by Hannah O'Brien August 31, 2011

Sitting on the Graduate Team at FreshMinds, I speak to many Engineering Grads on a daily basis who are keen to explore potential career options that have more of a commercial focus than the typical Engineering role. These days, an Engineering degree isn’t just for those thinking along the lines of ‘when I grow up, I want to be an Engineer’. The opportunities for Engineering graduates are endless – supply chain, operations development, financial services, consultancy, strategy, to name a few. What’s one of the first things a potential employer will think when they see an Engineering background? Strong numeracy skills, analytical rigor and solid problem solving skills. What’s one of the first things a potential employer might question? Whether they have strong enough business acumen. If you’re an Engineering graduate and you want to move into a commercial environment, it’s worth making this clear on your CV as early as possible. Anything from summer internships with organisations other than engineering firms during your degree, to developing new Excel and business analysis skills, will make you stand out from the rest.

In 2 weeks FreshMinds and Kraft Foods will be holding a networking event for Imperial Engineering final year students and Graduates, ‘Beyond Engineering – How to apply your degree within a commercial environment’. The aim of the event will be to educate Engineering students and Graduates on commercial career opportunities that exist for them, beyond their Engineering degree. Charlie Osmond, Engineering Graduate turned award-winning Entrepreneur will be speaking, as will the team from Kraft Foods/Cadbury. So If you’re an Imperial Engineer and you’d like to learn more about other career opportunities that are out there for you, get in touch with the Graduate Team ASAP, and we’ll send you details. If you’re an Engineer (but not from Imperial), get in touch anyway, I’m sure we’ll be able to squeeze you in!

Hannah O’Brien is a candidate manager on the Graduate Team at FreshMinds Talent.

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