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Are mobile phone apps changing traditional Recruitment methods?

by Charlotte Tatro August 26, 2011

​Here at FreshMinds Talent we like to keep our finger on the pulse in the world of recruitment so our curiosity was aroused when we recently read that Adidas had launched their own iPhone recruitment app.  This got me thinking: is this the future of recruitment?  Will both recruiters and employers be connecting with potential candidates through their mobile phones?

The reasoning behind such a venture is clear and logical: it shows an employer to be innovative and forward thinking, assisting in engaging with the Gen Y.  They also clearly enhance brand image.  Jennifer Cunningham, recruitment manager at Adidas Group UK, sums it up in her interview with People Management:  ‘the graduate market is very technically savvy and the app idea was killing three birds with one stone - by updating our recruitment process, being innovative and new to the marketplace, and attracting the type of candidates that we wanted.’

Adidas is not alone; Barclays have released their own iPhone graduate recruitment app which allows graduates to learn more about the company.  This type of platform allows employers not only to attract great candidates but also engage with them.

Thinking back to FreshMinds, can this approach be adopted by recruitment agencies and if it can, what would it look like?  The app could allow submissions of CV’s, push notifications for jobs of interest, application status updates, job referrals; the possibilities are endless!

The pattern is clear: candidates are starting to search for jobs from their mobiles and there is more talent doing this every day.  Will having a mobile phone app be a necessity for any employer or recruiter looking to recruit the most forward thinking candidates in the future?  I have a feeling it will be, but only time will tell.

Charlotte Tatro is a candidate manager at FreshMinds Talent Graduate team

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