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Guest Blog: Why I chose my Greenhill Graduate Scheme

Janan tells us why she applied for her finance Graduate scheme and what she’s learnt from the application process.

Can you tell us a little bit about you?

I am currently reading Economics at Trinity College, Cambridge and will be joining Greenhill as an Analyst in June. 

Can you tell us a bit about your career and your experience from the Greenhill scheme?

I applied for Greenhill’s 2016 Internship Programme in my second year. Prior to that, I had completed a spring internship at Goldman Sachs and a summer internship at Monarch Alternative Capital. I gained valuable exposure to different areas of finance, from investment research to distressed debt, and was keen to experience more. Greenhill’s focus on M&A was a new challenge for me and the collaborative working culture was a fantastic opportunity to learn from experienced senior bankers. The level of deal exposure and responsibility I enjoyed as an intern far surpassed my expectations. 

Why did you decide on corporate finance?

Corporate finance offered me the intellectual challenges and dynamic working environment I was looking for. I enjoyed the demanding nature of working on multiple projects simultaneously. In particular, the generalist approach at Greenhill enables you to work across multiple industries and embark upon a steep learning curve, alongside ambitious and inspiring colleagues.

What attracted you to the Greenhill scheme?

I instantly warmed to the people after meeting members of the Greenhill team at a company presentation in Cambridge. I was keen to develop my skills as an investment banker in a collegiate working environment that was supportive and demanding in equal measure. With only a limited number of interns per rotation, it was clear that Greenhill valued each individual and made a significant investment in them from the outset. On the Internship Programme, you are fully integrated into the team. Coupled with the high-quality deal flow, this is an exceptional platform for your professional development as a junior banker.

How did you find the application process and what did you do to help prepare for it?

The application process was rigorous but rewarding and offered ample opportunity to meet the team. First, I participated in a group presentation based on a case study. Then, I was invited to a final round which consisted of four interviews at the London Office. In preparation, I kept up-to-date with current affairs and recent M&A deals, reviewed valuation techniques, and researched a selection of Greenhill’s recent assignments. 

What advice would you give to someone wanted to get an Internship Programme?

The Internship Programme at Greenhill offers unparalleled insight into Corporate Finance. I would urge prospective applicants to consider what attracts them to M&A and what it is that distinguishes Greenhill for them. 

Janan is in her final year studying Economics at Trinity College, Cambridge. At university she has been busy rowing for her college team and taking on the role of President of the Marshall Society. Last summer she successfully completed the Greenhill internship programme and will be joining the firm this summer as a full-time Analyst.

A big thank you from Freshminds to Janan for giving us an insight into her experience from the Greenhill Scheme. 

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